More or Less Right

The fuel-delivery driver stared at me through an elongated windshield. The riverwalk however was filled with others, so I proceeded along the path. He reversed just fast enough to remain ahead of me but eventually stopped after his partner signaled more pedestrians were coming.

Maybe he thought that he had been blocking the sidewalk first. Perhaps he believed that his time was more important because he had other deliveries to make. Regardless, he seemed to expect everyone else to wait while he reversed to and through the gate and next destination.

He reminded me of other delivery drivers who whip paneled trucks into entrances ahead of pedestrians, and even honk at those who slip around their vehicles before they begin reversing. He also invoked others, such as the hotel valets in black shirts who crowd sidewalks while people are passing.

Many pay taxes, which maintain sidewalks and other spaces. Only some use such spaces to make money. Why wouldn’t they cede these places to those who are just moving from one place to the next?






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